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Free Counters
AMPScomplete listing of free, commercial, and CGI counters
Better Counterthe world's first counter that combines the feature to count several pages Free counter that allows you to choose from about seven different styles.
Link ExchangeFree counter from linkexchange,small and compact style
WebrightservicesChoose from 5000 different styles,all free,counts ip addresses
Free CountersListing dozens of free visitor counters and trackers for your website
The Museum of Counter ArtCOUNTER'S AND TRACKER'S
3Dstats - A 3D Access Statistics GeneratorView your web page hit statistics as a VRML world.Requires the ability to run executables on your ISP's server.
WebCounter Usage Page Free Counter For Your Page!
JCount CountersYou can get Java Counters here.
CounterGuide.ComListing of FREE web counters including hosted counters, free CGI counters, Java Counters, and counter digits.
Lanka Counter Free dynamic Java counter
eXTReMe Tracking This is a counter that can provide you with more information than you'll probably ever need.
DigiwebFree Counter Service
PAGECOUNT A free "hit" counter that offers statistics such as hits per day, hits by hour, visits by location, and the host name of your last 250 visitors
Better CounterFree counter that counts all pages of your site, counts all external links, checks usability and clarity of the data and more.
Cam's Dynamic Counter Applet A free, Java based counter that can be added to your page with just a few lines of HTML.
CountMaster: Free Counters Track the people accessing your site, how they found it, the number of hits, visits, and other vital statistics.
CyberStats: the stats tracking service To see your statistics, click on the banner. You will then be able to see such statistics as total hits year to date, hits for last 7 days, monthly hits, last 50 host names, and more.
Free Web Page Counters and Trackers All different kinds of free counters and tracters for your website. A free banner-style counter that includes a random joke each time the page is loaded.
LE FastCounter LE FastCounter is for you! It's fast, reliable, and best of all, FREE Setup takes only 5 minutes Receive stats updates via email Choose from several different counter styles
LiveCounter Classic Real-time Java counter with a CGI backup counter that provides such features as live access statistics, count link clicks, exclude hits from specified sources, count multiple pages, and more.
Counters, Counters, Counters A large listing of over 130 hit counters and tracking services, including both free and fee based
Hitman A free counter that features the choice of about 5 different number styles, the ability to change background and number colors, control of the border size and color, and the ability to hide the counter.
Pin's Guide to Counters and Trackers A listing and samples of about 20 free counters.
HTML Access Counter CGI Script for a simple, plain access counter
NetCount A statistics service geared primarily towards business. "NetCount Basic" is free, is updated weekly, and requires a phone call to set up an account.