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Free Webpages International:Sorted after:Webspace
AccessDenied ?FTP
Delphi? BannerBrowser 
Express Page?  BrowserUSAEnglish
Hot Magma ?    
MemberSites?You get a number of items instead of webspace   
Sure Site?  BrowserUSAEnglish
Tony-Net ? BannerBrowser, FTPUSAEnglish
Very Important People & Places20 kb  BrowserUSAEnglish
Nomenia LX25 kb FooterFTP/Browser 
InterCities30 kb  BrowserUSAEnglish
MousHous40 kbSomewhat limited by features.   
Amarillas100 kb BannerFTPArgentinaSpanish
Bran Promotions100 kb BannersEmailUnited KingdomEnglish
China Info 100kb  FTP 
Community Connect100 kb LogoBrowser 
Enjoy100 kbThere are some small details with this service. FTPItalyItalian
Food Professionals100 kbfor food professionals   
Free China100 kbMust be about China   
HighWay Tecnologias100 kb  FTPBrazilPortuguese
KryptonBBS100 kb   ItalyItalian
MicroWorld100 kb  FTP English
Nearlive100 kb  FTPFranceFrench
Powernet100 kb    
Towne Square 2000 100 kbEasy to use templates for your home page. Some restrictions  USAEnglish
USA Online 100 kbPages for artists and programmers   
CBAN125 kb FooterBrowserCanadaEnglish
Webglass150 kb  FTP,BrowserSpainSpa,Eng
Achievement International200kb    
CR Home200 kb    
Main Quad200 kb NoneBrowserUSAEnglish
Nitehawk200 kbThis service is probaly down 250 kb  FTPGermanyGerman
Mod Source250 kb   USAEnglish
InstaCities250 kb  Browser English
Wigloo250 kb HeaderBrowser English
LoveResources256 kb BannerBrowser English
Pi300 kb BannerFTP Danish
123 Free HP500 kb BannerBrowser English
ApaSiapa500 kb  FTPIndonesiaIndonesian
Arcadis500 kb  FTPBelgiumGerman
ArrowWeb500 kb  FTP 
Bulgaria.com500 kb  Browser 
De Digitale Stad500 kb  FTPThe NetherlandsDutch
Digitale Stad Eindhoven500 kb    
Digitale Stad Leiden500 kb  FTPThe NetherlandsDutch
Eccentrica500 kb  FTPItalyEnglish
Eugene Free Networking 500 kb   USAEnglish
Hispa7500 kb  FTP, E-mailSpainSpanish
Indice 500 kb   BrazilPortuguese
IQX500 kb BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
Metropolis500 kb  FTPGermanyGerman
Mikdoe500 kb  EmailGermanyGerman
Mujweb500 kb BannerFTP Czech
NetPromote500 kb Email GermanyGerman
Nyx500 kb BannerFTPUSAEnglish
Toddsnet500 kb  FTPUSAEnglish
Toronto Web Services500 kbYou must live in Toronto to qualify.   
WebNight500 kb  FTP  
Halyava512 kb  FTPRussiaRussian
Logicom 512 kb  FTPItalyItalian
TexasLink.com512 kb    
Windom's512 kb PopupFTPRussiaRussian
EuropaPark650 kb FooterBrowserUSAEnglish
Digitale Metropol Antwerpen750 kb    
1 2 3 Go Global1 mb+free email   
AE-web1 mb  BrowserGermanyGerman
Aostanet1 mb   England
autobyte1 mb  E-mailSwitzerlandGerman
Baynet1 mb  FTPGermanyGerman
BeoNET1 mb  FTP 
Ciudad Digital1 mb  FTP,Browser Spanish
Compucenter1 mb   Germany
Comsoft-KA1 mb  FTPGermanyGerman
Community Ware1 mb None Browser 
CONKWorld1 mb  BrowserUSAEnglish
Convey1 mb    Russian
Donau1 mbpeople in Donau region only FTP German
Home4U1 mb BannerE-mailGermanyGerman
Indydesign1 mb  FTP 
info-MEDiA1 mb  EmailGermanyGerman
INM1 mb   Switzerland
Internetseite1 mb  EmailGermanyGerman
InterNetWire1 mb  EmailGermanyGerman
ISJM1 mb   Germany
MarketNet 1 mb    
Mediaport1 mb  FTPThe NetherlandsDutch
myGO1 mb BannerBrowser English
MyPage 1 mb  BrowserCanadaEnglish
MyWEB1 mb  FTPSwitzerlandGerman
NedHosting.com1 mb BannerFTPThe NetherlandsEnglish
Net Taxi(Internet the city)1 mb+email accountBannerFTPUSAEnglish
Pegacity1 mb BannerFTP Italian
PHP 1 mb    
Power Team Network1 mb  FTPGermanyGerman
RAC-CITY1 mb  FTP,BrowserSingaporeEnglish
Radio ORF1 mb    
Raduga1 mb  E-mailRussiaRussian
Sarawak Alive 1 mb  FTPMalaysiaItalian
Schleswig-Holstein1 mb  EmailGermanyGerman
Schlund+Partner1 mbFor Germans FTPGermanyGerman
Shara1 mb BannerFTPUkraineRussian
Shonline1 mb  FTPGermanyGerman
Shop1 mb  FTPGermanyGerman
Sixxac1 mb   USAEnglish
SoftCom1 mb  FTPCanadaEnglish
Solpages1 mb Link BackBrowser 
Swedecom1 mb  FTPSwedenSwedish
Taiwanese Web Farm1 mb    
TarpleyWeb1 mb  BrowserUSAEnglish
The Deck1 mb Banner BrowserUSAEnglish
Triwdata1 mb  BrowserSwitzerland
TTGCITN1 mb    
Ubermorgen Online1 mb  EmailGermanyGerman
Web-Culture1 mb  FTPGermanyGerman
Websight1 mb    
YouthWeb1 mbFor persons ages 5-25. You must send email to update your site.     
ZCities1 mb BannerFTP,Browser English
Allfaiths Press 1,5mbFor any religious organizations   
AHoC.Net2 mb   USAEnglish
Ameritech2 mb    
Aspide2 mb  FTP,BrowserItalyItalian
Bay Pages2 mb Pop-upBrowser, FTPUSAEnglish
Blam 2 mb BannerFTPCanadaEnglish
Cats2 mb  BrowserGermanyGerman
College Club2 mb FooterFTP,Browser,EmailUSAEnglish
Computerversand2 mb  FTPGermanyGerman
DigitalHideout2 mb BannerBrowser English
Dynamis2 mb   Germany
Europe@home2 mbEuropeans only,max 500 hits per day FTP 
Exsitement2 mb   USAEnglish
Extenda2 mb   England
FocusAsia 2 mb+ e-mail account  SingaporeEnglish
For Free2 mb+ e-mail accountBannerFTPAustriaEnglish
Foxden2 mb  FTPEnglandEnglish
Garal Megas2 mb   SpainSpanish
Goplay2 mb  BrowserUSAEnglish
Howdy neighbour2 mb LogoFTP 
I-Connect.ru2 mbif you can read Russian FTPRussiaRussian
Inca2 mb   Germany
Indocities2 mb  FTPIndonesiaIndonesian
JiangShu Telecom2 mb  FTPChinaChinese GB
JinJiang Online2 mb  FTPChinaChinese GB
Karawari2 mb   SwitzerlandItalian
Larc2 mb  FTP,BrowserSpainSpa,Eng
Myfreeoffice2 mb  FTPUSAEnglish
Naples Freenet2 mb  FTPUSAEnglish
Naz 2 mb  FTP 
Netby2 mb  FTPDenmarkDanish
NetColonies2 mb Top FrameBrowserUSAEnglish
One Stop2 mb BannerFTPUSAEnglish
OurNet2 mb BannerFTP English
Patricia Enterprises 2 mb BannerFTP 
Pege.org2 mb    
Polbox2 mb BannerFTPPolandEnglish
Polbox2 mb HeaderFTPPolandPolish
ROTFL2 mb FooterTemplate,Browser 
SG Development1-2 mb    
Sunflower Network 2 mb"Neighborhoods" to setup your home page in.   
Supernews2 mb BannerFTP 
SweetHomes2 mb  BrowserUSAEnglish
TerraVista 2 mb  FTPPortugalPortuguese
Terravista Brazil2 mb  FTPBrazilPortugese
The Metropolis2 mb    
TRIserve2 mb  FTPGermanyGerman
Uncut Productions2 mb NoneBrowser 
Userworld2 mb  BrowserUSAEnglish
Vibor2 mb  FTPRussiaRussian
VServer 2 mb   BrazilPortuguese
Webville2 mb    
Web Village2 mb Logo + LinkFTPSingaporeEnglish
YourWebsites2 mb BannerBrowser English
Yunet2 mb  FTPUSAEnglish
ZyWeb2 mb FooterBrowserUSAEnglish
PagePark 2,5 mb BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
Baltic Internet Plaza3 mb    
Bar3 mb   RussiaRussian
Central Europe3 mb  FTPGermanyGerman
Chat3 mb  FTPRussiaRussian
Digibel3 mb  FTPBelgiumEnglish
Europe3 mb   Germany
FREE-ORG3 mbincludes email   
FreeSexHost.com3 mb Top+bottom bannerBrowser 
Free Town3 mb NoneBrowserUSAEnglish
Freeweb3 mb   MexicoSpanish
Free X-Tel3 mb1mb email includes   
Friko3 mb  FTPPolandPolish
GapsNET3 mb  FTP,E-mailMexicoSpanish
Geocities Japan3 mb  FTP, BrowserJapanJapanese
Globalnet3 mb  FTP 3 mb  FTPAustriaGerman
HP Cecomputer3 mb  FTPGermanyGerman
Icestorm Network3 mb NoneBrowserUSAEnglish
Intel Cities3 mb NoneBrowser/Form 
Iwantfreestuff3 mb  FTP,EmailUSAEnglish
JJC.com3 mb    
Malaysians.com3 mb   MalaysiaMalay
NanNin Telecom3 mb  FTP,EmailChinaChinese GB
NetherWeb Central 3 mb  FTP 
OneWorld3 mb  FTP 
Ospiti3 mb BannerBrowserItalyItalian
Passagen3 mb  FTPSwedenSwedish
Phrantic's Trailerpark3 mb  FTPUSAEnglish
Porn-World.net3 mb  FTP 
SBM3 mb  FTP 
TacoCity 3 mb  FTPTaiwanChinese
Talk City3 mbTeens and students onlyBannerBrowserUSAEnglish
Tao Tree 3 mb BannerFTPUSAEnglish
TCFNet3 mb  FTPTaiwanChinese
The No Tell Motel3 mb  Browser,EmailUSAEnglish
Torget3 mb   FTPSwedenSwedish
WXA-Fu3 mb  FTPChinaChinese GB
Yclub3 mb    
Yesweb3 mb HeaderFTP,Browser Korean
Youngs Club Network3 mb  FTP,BrowserMalaysia
Zuzzurello3 mb  FTPItalyItalian
Shopworld4 mb  FTPSwitzerlandGerman
Zarcrom4 mb NoneE-mailUSAEnglish
21st Century5 mb Pop-upBrowser 
Ace WebShow5 mb   TaiwanChinese
Angelfire5 mb OptionalFTP,BrowserUSAEnglish
A Parker 5 mb    
AsiaCyber5 mb  FTPHong KongEnglish
B-City5 mb BannerBrowser 
Basic Ministries5 mbFor Christians   
BigAssWeb5 mb BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
Bnpages5 mb BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
Bretagnenet5 mb  FTP French
ChatTownUSA5 mb PopupBrowser English
Chickpages5 mb PopBannerBrowser English
C Junctions5 mb BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
CYS5 mb  FTPTaiwanChinese
Decollage 5 mb    French
Digi-cities5 mb   England
DJ Cafe5 mb BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
Doing-land5 mb   Germany
DRA5 mb    
Dreamers5 mb BannerBrowser 
Eclectic City 5 mb   USAEnglish
Everything Directory On-Line5 mb    
Exit5 mb BannerFTPGermanyGerman
FattyNet5 mb    
Flashback5 mb  FTPSwedenSwedish
ForUforFree5 mb  Browser+FTP 
FreeHomepages5 mb BannerBrowser English
Free HP5 mb FooterBrowser 
Freenation5 mb Pop-up and logoFTPHongkongEnglish
Freez5 mb Banner or textBrowserUSAEnglish
Freezone 5 mb BannerBrowserBelgiumEnglish
Friendfactory5 mb  BrowserUKEnglish
gURLpages5 mb BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
Home On The Range5 mb    
Homestead5 mbPassword protect areas on site and chatroomFooterBrowserUSAEnglish
Hong Kong CyberCity5 mbYou choose from serveral "cities" to put your web page.   
HotBot Homepages5 mb Header or pop-upBrowserUSAEnglish
Infinit5 mb  FTP French
iVillage5 mb Pop,BannerBrowser English
Just1235 mb  Browser 
Limowrck5 mb NoBrowser,FTP 
LinkQuick5 mb BannerFTPUSAEnglish
MagicWeb5 mb BannerFTP German
MetroCity 5 mb    
Musicnation5 mbFor musicans   
Mygale5 mb   FranceFrench
NCE Computer5 mb  FTP 
Netdragons5 mb HeaderFTP 
Netian5 mb HeaderFTP Korean
NetLink 5 mbof space for two months, UK only   
Nexus5 mb   HungaryHungarian
NoxNet5 mb LogoFTP English
People city5 mbIs a fast server that allows the first 200K of your account to be add-free. Browser 
PHooL Communications5 mb  FTP 
Populate 5 mb  Browser, FTP 
Porncity5 mb    
Rapping5 mb Banner  
Soft & Co5 mb BannerFTPFranceFrench/English
Technojunkie5 mb  FTP 
TeenWorld5 mbTeenagers   
The DJ Cafe5 mb   USAEnglish
Usfaz5 mb  BannerBrowser 
Viaduk-Telecom5 mb  FTP,BrowserUkraineEng/Rus
VR95 mb  FTP 
Webshow5 mb LogoFTP Chinese
Website2u5 mb BannerBrowser English
WhoWhere?5 mbMust first have a mailcity accountBannerBrowserUSAEnglish
Women.com5 mb BannerBrowser English
Xplosion Internet Services5 mb  E-mailGermanyGerman
Answerz6 mb BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
Asia Free BBS6 mb   JapanEnglish
Earth Online6 mb LinkFTPBahrainEnglish
Escalix6 mb BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
Extra6 mb PopupBrowserHungaryHungarian
Fortune City6 mb BannerFTP, BrowserGermanyGerman
Fortune City6 mb  FTP, BrowserSwedenSwedish
Homex 6 mb  Browser 
Suenderhauf6 mb  FTPGermanyGerman
Kaj 7 mb   SwitzerlandGerman
MYSP.com7 mb NoneBrowser 
SitePalace7 mb BannerBrowser 
WBS 7 mb TextlinkBrowserUSAEnglish
Bawel.Net8 mb BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
Codename Communication2-8 mb BannerFTPCanadaEnglish
New Silk Way8 mb  FTPChinaChinese GB
321Website10 mb FramefootBrowser English
Altern10 mb  FTP, BrowserFranceFrench
AnimalHouse10 mb  BrowserUSAEnglish
AsiaFind10 mb PopupBrowser English
Aquanet.de10 mb    German
BIP 10 mb  FTPScandanaviaSwedish
Canadianwebs10 mb BannerFTP English
CCCC 10 mb  EmailGermanyEng/Ger
Chez10 mbof space if you can understand the language FTPFranceFrench
Cyberdif10 mb BannerFTP English
Digiweb10 mb NoFTP/BrowserUSAEnglish
Dove ent10 mb BannerBrowser English
Duno.com10 mb Text linkBrowserUSAEnglish
Fairplay Network10 mbnon commercial only FTPGermanyGerman
FastFreeWebs10 mb BannerBrowser English
FJNet10 mb  FTPChinaChinese GB
Free-Host10 mb BannerFTP English
Freepage 10 mb  FTPGermanyGerman
FreeWebCoco10 mb BannerFTPCzech RepublicCzech
Gamepost10 mb BannerFTP 
GSD Free WebHosting10 mb ButtonBrowser 
GuanZhou FeiHua10 mb  FTPChinaChinese GB
H&H Dev.10 mb  FTPUSAEnglish
HK ID10 mb  Logo FTP 
Hypermart10 mbBusiness sites onlyBanner + Pop-upFTPUSAEnglish
internettrash.com10 mb NoneE-mailUSAEnglish
Leon's Graphics Group 10 mb  FTPRussiaRussian
Manaus10 mb LogoFTP Portugese
Mauritius10 mb BannerFTP English
Myplace10 mb BannerFTP Dutch
Myplace10 mb BannerFTP Russian
Navnetwork10 mb PopupBrowser English
NetBot 10 mb  BrowserUSAEnglish
Netcolony10 mb BannerBrowser English
Netline10 mb BannerFTPUSAEnglish
ParisNet10 mb  Email 
PersoWeb10 mb   GermanyGerman
Prohosting10 mb+ 1 POP3 e-mail accountPopFooterFTPUSAEnglish
PureTec10 mb  FTP German
RiftWar10 mb  FTPUSAEnglish
School Sucks10 mb BannerBrowser 
SerifCities10 mb AdframeFTPUSAEnglish
SpaceLynx10 mb TopframeFTP English
SXOnline10 mb  FTP,EmailChinaChinese GB
Top Town 10 mb    
TrainWeb10 mbRail related   
Uniquepages10 mbPersonal sites will be removed.Banner or PopupFTP,Browser 
Uptown10 mb    
Vaga.Net10 mb  FTP,EmailUSAEnglish
VisualCities10 mb AdframeFTP,Browser English
Vulcano Freesites10 mb   BelgiumDutch, French
Warzone 10 mb    
Waznet10 mb  FTPUSAEnglish
Web 4 Free10 mb Header,FooterFTP,BrowserUSAEnglish
Webcom10 mb  FTP 
Weekend10 mb  FTPRussiaRussian
Channel2111 mb BannerFTP English
Fiberia11 mb TopframeBrowser, FTPUSAEnglish
Geocities11 mbLong Webaddress,+ free e-mail accountBanner + Pop-upBrowser, FTPUSAEnglish
Server10111 mb BannerFTP English
Tripod US11 mb PopupFTP,BrowserUSAEnglish
Xoom11 mbLots of email junks from them and the server sometimes slowLinkBrowser + FTPUSAEnglish
Cyberspace12 mbincl. e-mail address and cgi scripts   
CyNet City Virtual Community12 mb BannerFTPUSAEnglish
FreeServers 12 mb+ e-mail accountBannerBrowser, FTP 
Free Yellow12 mb FooterBrowser,FTP,EmailUSAEnglish
Freewebsite12 mb BannerFTP English
Get-the-Web 12 mb   United KingdomEnglish
The Globe12 mb PopupFTP/Browser 
Tripod France12 mb PopupFTP,Browser French
Tripod Germany12 mb PopupFTP,Browser German
Tripod Italy12 mb PopupFTP,Browser Italian
Tripod Netherland12 mb PopupFTP,Browser Dutch
Tripod UK12 mb PopupFTP,Browser English
WorldZone12 mb BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
WOW Mail12 mb BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
Wowsites12 mbCan only have up to 9 HTML pages. Server slowBannerBrowser 
Techno2Day13,5 mb  Browser 
A1BBS15 mbSlow server, registration process slowBannerBrowser, FTPKoreaEnglish
AnFat15 mb BannerBrowser 
Armageddons Transgress15 mbEngland residents only FTPUSAEnglish
Dark-Wing15 mb BannerFTP 
HobbyHost15 mb  FTP 
Iban Tech15 mb  FTP 
InternetClub15 mb BannerFTP/BrowserIsraelEnglish
Leenux15 mb NoFTP 
MicroNetwork15 mb BannerFTP English
Neotown15 mb TextlinkFTPUSAEnglish
Netmanor15 mb BannerFTP,BrowserUSAEnglish
Personales15 mb TextlinkFTP,Browser Spanish
Respublica15 mb  FTP,Browser French
SLNet15 mb BannerBrowser 
StellarImages15 mb BannerBrowser English
TimeCities15 mb BannerBrowser English
WarezCities15 mb BannerFTP 
WildCities15 mb BannerFTP 
SimpleSpot18 mb PopupBrowser English
8op20 mb  FTP,Browser 
963.net20 mb  FTPChinaChinese GB
AcmeCity20 mb BannerFTP,Browser English
CiteWeb20 mb  FTPFranceFrench
Clan.dk20 mb ButtonFTP 
Digi-Links20 mb BannerBrowser 
Fortune City20 mb+ e-mail accountBanner + Pop-upBrowser, FTPUSAEnglish
Free Sites Network20 mb BannerFTP 
FSN 20 mb HeadButtonFTPUSAEnglish
Graffiti20 mb ButtonsFTP English
GreatChina20 mb  BrowserChinaChinese GB
I-France 20 mb  FTPFranceFrench
Internations20 mb  Browser English
JustFree20 mb BannerFTP English
Kitel20 mb  FTPKoreaKorean
Le Village 20 mb  FTPFranceFrench
Multimania12-20 mb  FTP,Browser French
Myfreedomain20 mb BannerFTP 
Nease 20 mb  FTPChinaChinese
NetEase20 mb  FTP,EmailChinaChinese GB
Tricity20 mb BannerBrowser English
Twilight20 mb HeaderFTP 
Virtual Avenue20 mb BannerFTP 
Webprovider20 mb PopupFTP,Browser English
WestColorado20 mb  Browser English
Tons of Stuff21 mb BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
Flycity 22 mb  FTPChinaChinese
Chongqing Solar City25 mb  FTPChinaChinese
Dragonfire Internet Services25 mb  FTP 
Easy Space25 mb Banner,Pop-upFTP/FPUnited KingdomEnglish
Free Speech 25 mb NoFTPUSAEnglish
InfoTeam Corporation25 mb LogoFTP 
NetServices25 mb NoneBrowser English
WebJump 25 mb BannerFTPUSAEnglish
Click2Site30 mb  FTP,Browser 
Royaltystudios50 mb BannerFTPUSAEnglish
Span50 mb BannerFTPSwitzerlandEnglish
SunNet50 mb  Email+CGIChinaChinese GB
ClassroomWeb100 mbSchools only!!   
OneButtonM.100 mb BannerFTP English
Rampage 100 mb  FTPUSAEnglish
LotsOfFreeStuff2000 mb  Browser 
BlinxUnspecified   USAEnglish
CD&CieUnspecified  Email 
Ciudad FuturaUnspecified  EmailSpainSpanish
Rat.deUnspecified  FTPGermanyGerman
Site HorizonsUnspecified   USAEnglish
The Magic KhanhdomUnspecified    
Baoding OnlineUnlimited  FTPChinaChinese GB
CrosswindsUnlimitedLong webaddress. Slow server and speed problemsNoFTPUSAEnglish
CybercitiesUnlimitedFast server and offers full CGI accessNoneFTPUSAEnglish
CyberHomeUnlimited BannerBrowser English
FreeOnlineUnlimited  FTPUKEnglish
Guest of LongGateUnlimited  FTPChinaChinese GB
Home of NetWormUnlimited  FTPChinaChinese GB
HUZHOU TelecomUnlimited  FTPChinaChinese GB
NetChinaUnlimited  BrowserChinaChinese GB
NJOnlineUnlimited  EmailChinaChinese GB
Road of NetUnlimited  FTP,Email+CGIChinaChinese GB
SBLSUnlimited  FTPChinaChinese GB
Shadow of WestUnlimited  FTPChinaChinese GB
StartPathUnlimited Nav barFTP English
Telefragged Unlimited  FTP 
ZG169Unlimited  FTP,EmailChinaChinese GB
ZhanJiang NetUnlimited FTPChinaChinese GB
ZhongShanUnlimited FTPChinaChinese GB
Best SitezNo limit Banner 
CivilaNo limit FTPDominican RepublicSpanish
ClanWorldNo limit ButtonsFTP 
DarkcastleNo limit BannerFTP/Browser 
DeslerNo limit FTP 
FreeshellsNo limit FTP 
SpacePorts No limit Pop-upFTPCanadaEnglish
SpreeNo limit HeadFoot,BannerBrowserUSAEnglish
YodaNo limit NoneFTPUSAEnglish
Zigong OnlineNo limit FTPChinaChinese
ZootNo limit ButtonFTP